Join our President and Founder, Greg Lewis, for a free webinar where he will discuss how to align Sales Forecasting and Revenue Forecasting while automating revenue forecasts directly from Salesforce.

Closing the Gaps Between Salesforce Pipeline and Revenue Forecasts


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  • How to instantly adjust revenue forecasts when pipeline shifts or changes directly in Salesforce.

  • How to reduce the complexity of managing and forecasting run-rate revenue in multiple systems.

  • The ability to assess the progress between sales commitments and actual revenue.
  • The benefits of 100% visibility of expected pipeline revenue and how to achieve it.

  • The costs of not managing revenue effectively.

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Ted Serentelos
CEO at revVana

Are you looking to bridge the gap between Sales Forecasting and Revenue Forecasting?

To weather this storm, you need to know where your revenue is coming from, when it's coming, and to maximize every dollar you're getting.


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  • Are you struggling with the process of forecasting revenue from your Salesforce pipeline?

  • Are you hitting your bookings targets but missing your revenue forecast?

  • Is the creation and management of your revenue forecasts manual and time-consuming?

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It’s time to stop wondering, “Did our deals shrink? Are they getting dragged out over a long time frame? Are our forecasts and projections reliable enough to bank on?” Learn how to close the financial chasm between Sales forecasting and Revenue forecasting so you are never caught by surprise again.

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